Review: Dark Sight



This is the cover :O

Title: Dark Sight

Author: Christopher Allan Poe

Published: April 16th 2014 by Black Opal Books


As the only black student at an all-white school, Monique Robinson has always had to prove herself. When her best friend, Victoria is left brain dead, Monique fights to bring her back. But she soon realizes that blurring the lines between life and death has its own price. Can Monique save her best friend before she heads down a path from which no one will return?

From the beginning of this book, I was seriously captivated and couldn’t take my eyes off of the pages of this book, that’s how good the suspense, and wording of this story was. From page one, to the very end, I had tuned out all noise, and the beautiful nature calling out my name outside just to finish this book, and right now I just did and I cant believe what I read.

Honestly, when I started to read this book I was a little worried and nervous at first. I thought that according to the blurb, this was going to be one of the racism/history stories. But, that was not the case with this book AT ALL…

Instead of being like that, this book was a paranormal, horror, nail biting, edge-of-the-seat, type book.

All the characters are not as they seem…

First I’ll start off with Monique:

She is our book heroine; she is strong minded, selfless, focuses on point at hand, and sometimes you don’t even notice that she is 15 years old! If anything she’s 18! She has a job, helps her dad pay the bills, and drives 😀 (with a permit 🙂 )


She is our book heroines best friend; everything with her was as normal as normal can be. Until she and Monique had the biggest fight of their lives and the next thing Monique knew, Victoria was run over by a car and brain damaged (that’s what the doctors say). But, she ended up being a soul sucking machine! Before, she acted as if she was brain damaged, but then when Victoria found out Monique was with her all along, she felt better and turned out blind. Until a couple of days later Victoria started getting weirder. Every time she touched a person, she “fed” off of them, which really means  she was feeding off of their soul and personality, causing her to act the same way as the person she fed from. So, she had to stay away from bad people or she would turn bad.

Those are the main characters in this book.


So really, Victoria ends up dying a quick death when she doesn’t feed off of anybody anymore, but she dies as herself, not the thing inside her doing all of the cruel things she has done in her past. Monique ends up with Ethan (a boy who helps her out with Victoria and all of the problems that happen in this book, he doesn’t really show up a lot), and Monique moves with her dad right after she buries Victoria’s body, moving away from the people, school, and issues that were there.

All I know from this book was that it was creepy, freaky, and unexpecting, but it was so gooood!!! Especially when you read it in the dark with only a little light on to actually set the mood of the book xD (It wouldn’t be good to read it on a sunny day at the beach though :P)

So if you want a scare, suspenseful book, try this author out! He is worth to read!!! 😉

Review: Getting Rowdy (Love Undercover #3)



This is the cover ❤ 😀 ❤

Title: Getting Rowdy (Love Undercover #3)

Author: Lori Foster

Published: September 24th 2013 by Harlequin HQN

Plot: An alpha hero’s attraction to the one woman he can’t have could draw him into a killer’s snare.

In this book we have 2 POV’s. We have Rowdy, and Avery.

Charismatic bar owner Rowdy Yates isn’t the kind of man women say no to. So when he approaches waitress Avery Mullins, he fully expects to get her number. However, the elusive beauty has her reasons for keeping her distance. (including a past that might come back to haunt them both)

Avery spends her nights working for tips… and trying to forget the secret Rowdy is determined to unearth. But when history threatens to repeat itself, Avery grows to rely on Rowdy’s protective presence. As the sparks between them ignite, she will be forced to choose between the security she’s finally found… and the passion she’s always wanted.

WOW!!!! Was that hot, sexy, steamy, and just lovable :’)

I loved the setting, (Avery working at a bar), I loved the characters, (every single one of them) even Fisher because he turned out good in the end. The one that was bad was Meyer, he sucked 😛 he’s on my stupid characters list -_-, I loved the relationship built between Avery and Rowdy, I loved what the author did with the other characters from the previous 2 books and combined it into this one, and that cover ❤ Wow!!!! Hottttttt :3

This book just from the cover, I knew it was going to be for me 🙂 And I knew I was going to enjoy it!!! Wooohooo!!!!! Now I just need to read the previous 2 (even though I don’t have to) and then I’ll read the sequel later :3 I’m so glad there’s more books in this series!!! I need to see what happens with them in the future!!

Review: A Death In Vegas


3 stars

This is the cover 🙂

Title: A Death In Vegas

Author: Christopher Meeks

Published: August 15th 2014 by White Whisker Books

In this book, the president of BenBugs, a company that specializes in beneficial bugs for organic gardening, discovers a young woman dead in his Las Vegas hotel suite.

The young woman had worked as a sexy lady bug at his convention booth. And of course, he had nothing to do with her death. so who did it?

While that was being investigated, the FBI raids his booth on a money-laundering scam that he knows nothing about, either. (This MC was clueless as heck.)

Soon, the coroner doesn’t have good news. The police and FBI are against him. and his wife NOW cannot be found!!! To solve all of these turn of events, he flees to find his own answers, alone, since EVERYBODY is now against him, and think he’s guilty of the crime, and of course, like the genius he is, he has no witnesses, and the evidence points directly to him.

Great, right? So, Patton, avoids a lot of obstacles, and tries to find the murderer on his own.

This books’ suspense, left me at the edge of my seat, I honestly couldn’t put it down until it was over, I was so glad he found out who it was,  and cleared his name, by himself, and proved everyone wrong 🙂 This book had me cheering till the very end!

Review: Hunter by Night (Chronicles of Yavn #3)



This is the cover 😀

Title: Hunter by Night (Chronicles of Yavn #3)

Author: Elisabeth Staab

Published: June 3rd 2014 by Sourcebooks Casablanca

She wants out.
Party girl Alexia Blackburn is only hanging around the vampire compound until her best friend—the queen—has her baby. After that, nothing is going to stop Alexia from getting back to daylight, safety, and feeling like a normal human being. But leaving the vampire world has one big catch…

He needs her to stay.
Head of vampire security Lee Goram has hated and distrusted humans for centuries. Feeding on vampire blood has kept him strong…but now it’s killing him—and he’s horrified to discover that Alexia may hold the key to his cure. He’d rather die defending his king than admit his weakness, but time is running out for the great vampire warrior…

This book has 2 POV’s. Alexia, and Lee. They both like each other, but the problem with that, is Lee is a vampire warrior, and Alexia is human. They both try to ignore the chemistry they have for each other, but they eventually give that up at the middle of the book, when Alexia almost gets kidnapped. Lee flips and confesses his love, and they end up together, I’m sure their relationship blooms in the next book, like the other 2 couples in the previous books.

Mostly I liked the way the author combines all the characters from the previous books, and gives them some of the spotlight even though it wasn’t suppose to be about them. All the characters had a few sides.

For example: Lee was suppose to be this bad-ass vampire warrior, but when t comes to losing Alexia (the ones he loves) he can grief, and be really mad, or even have a smile on his face, that is so rare nobody ahs ever seen it but the one that deserves it.

Also, there’s the one in charge of the vampires, Alexia’s best friends husband. He is the most powerful, but when he is around crying women, OMG he can’t stand it!! (like he walks out of the room before he cries, or even breaks down in front of his people!) It’s hilarious!

Now back to my hyperness :3

Ooooooohhhhh booooyyyy was that hot, sexy, and the ending was just FANTASTIC!!! And SATISFYING!!!!

OMG!!! I’m so glad I own this book now!!! And that I found out about this series!!! Because now I can buy the rest of the books of this series!!!

Where the first book, is about the king and queen of vampires ending up together.

And book two, where one vampire broke the rules, and fell in love with a wizard!!!!

Oh boy am I excited!!!!!! I’m so happy right now!!!

I’m probably not making sense right now, because in so happy, and tingly, and just hyper and AHAHAHAHHHRJDODJRHDBSNBJDJEJ

I’m going to calm down now 🙂

Review: Emeralds Included: A Jana Bibi Adventure (Jana Bibi #3)



This is the cover 🙂

Title: Emerald’s Included: A Jana Bibi Adventure  (Jana Bibi #3)

Author: Betsy Woodman

Published: July 8th 2014 by Henry Holt and Co.

Polt: Feathers fly and cultures clash as the Jolly Grant House prepares to welcome a special delivery from Scotland.

In this story, Betsy Woodman, takes us back to the Jolly Grant house for the arrival of Jana’s son, Jack, from Scotland, and his Hungarian bride-to-be, Katarina Esterhazy. The whole gang is excited to welcome their international visitors, and Jana is determined to repair the house to Jack’s high standards and those of her grandfather, from whom she inherited the eccentric building. But this puts a strain on Jana, both emotionally and financially, and she risks her most prized and valuable possession, the (surprisingly real!) emeralds she got from the Treasure Emporium, to help her through it.

Jana saved the town from a government dam in Jana Bibi’s Excellent Fortunes and foiled an international bird-smuggling ring in Love Potion Number 10, but in Emeralds Included, Jana faces her biggest challenges yet: preparing for her son’s arrival and planning a wedding in the upside-down town of Hamara Nagar.

The paragraph above this one was what the first 2 books were mainly about, and those cases were easy, but this one meets her match, because she has to get ready for her sons wedding, and solve the emeralds case, and their both really important.

But of course she solves them, and everyone ends up happy. 🙂

Review: Field of Prey (Lucas Davenport #24)



This is the cover 😀

Title: Field of Prey (Lucas Davenport #24)

Author: John Sandford

Published: May 6th 2014 by Putnam Adult 

The night after the fourth of July, Layton Carlson Jr. of Red Wing, Minnesota, finally got lucky… And unlucky.

He’d picked the perfect spot to lose his virginity to his girlfriend, an abandoned farmyard in the middle of cornfields: nice, private, and quiet. The only problem was . . . something smelled bad, like, really bad. He mentioned it to a county deputy he knew, and when the cop took a look, he found a body stuffed down a cistern. And then another, and another. O.O

By the time Lucas Davenport was called in, the police were up to fifteen bodies and counting. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, when Lucas began to investigate, he made some disturbing discoveries of his own. The victims had been killed over a great many years, one every summer, regular as clockwork. How could this have happened without anybody noticing?

Because one thing was for sure: the killer had to live close by. He was probably even someone they saw every day. . .  Like all of the murdering cases, that is always the case.

This book was full of suspense, and Lucas is like the best detective there is 🙂 (and I love that name!!!) I loved the characters’ roles, suspense, thriller, and the chilly feels I got throughout the book 🙂 (I know I’m weird) 


Review: Brutal Youth


3 stars

This is the cover 🙂

Title: Brutal Youth

Author: Anthony Breznican

Published: June 10th 2014 by Thomas Dunne Books

Plot: Three freshmen must join forces to survive at a troubled, working-class Catholic high school with a student body full of bullies and zealots, and a faculty that’s even worse.

With a plunging reputation and enrollment rate, Saint Michael’s has become a crumbling dumping ground for expelled delinquents and a haven for the stridently religious when incoming freshman Peter Davidek signs up.

On his first day, tensions are clearly on the rise as a picked-upon upperclassmen finally snaps, unleashing a violent attack on both the students who tormented him for so long, and the corrupt, petty faculty that let it happen.

Throughout Peter’s time there, he befriends fellow freshmen Noah (a volatile classmate whose face bears the scars of a hard-fighting past) and Lorelei, who is beautiful and lonely, and is too eager to become popular, making only enemies.

To even stand a chance at surviving their freshmen year, the trio must join forces as they navigate a bullying culture dominated by administrators like the once popular Ms. Bromine, their embittered guidance counselor, and Father Mercedes, the parish priest who plans to scapegoat the students as he makes off with church finances.

This book was good, and interesting to read. This was very different from what I was used to reading, because I don’t usually read a lot of bullying books, and “delinquent” kids surviving a Catholic church, so I didn’t even know it was going to be like this until I read the blurb… So yup 🙂


Review: Ghosts of Our Fathers (The River #3)


3 stars

This is the cover 🙂

Title: Ghost of Our Fathers (The River #3)

Author: Michael Richan

Published: September 30th 2013 by Dantull

This book is about a boy named Steven who is scared. He’s scared because he was awakened in the middle of the night by a mysterious figure that threatens to kill him. He wonders if it was a ghost, or some other evil creature. Steven’s determined to figure out what it is and how to stop it. He normally turns to his father, Roy, who is educating him on how to use “the gift” to deal with ghosts and other threats, but Roy isn’t available (forsome reason). Steven turns instead to his “gifted” friends Eliza and Daniel. Daniel’s an expert on time, and they all soon discover the true nature of the threat: it comes from the past and it’s worse than any of them realized. Strange ghosts and creatures stand between them and the solution. Time is running out as Steven, Roy, Daniel and Eliza dig into the past to learn of half-finished business that is coming back to haunt them all.

Ghosts of Our Fathers is a fast-paced horror-thriller where Steven and Roy confront a history that is determined to take revenge upon them all.

I know this is the third book in the series, but its not really necessary to read them all, but if you want to see Steven improving in his “gift”, and finding out what he is throughout the series, then start from the beginning, but I wasn’t all that confused, from starting in the third series. Because the author does a good job catching you up…

So yeah, this book was more on the mystery, paranormal side… Which I love 🙂

Review: Wildwood Creek (Moses Lake #4)


3 stars

This is the cover 🙂

Title: Wildwood Creek (Moses Lake #4)

Author: Lisa Wingate

Published: March 1st 2014 by Center Point

This book was about a girl named Allie Kirkland. Who has never been one to take wild risks.

But that all changes when she is offered a costuming assistant’s job on a movie docudrama. And of course she jumps at the chance. She’s always dreamed of following in her director-father’s footsteps, and the reenactment of the legendary frontier settlement of Wildwood is a first step. But in 1861, the real Wildwood held dangerous realities.

Town founder Harland Delevan held helpless residents, including young Irish schoolteacher Bonnie Rose, in an iron grip. Mysterious disappearances led to myths and legends still retold in the folk songs of Chinquapin Peaks. Eventually, the entire site was found abandoned. When strange connections surface between Allie and the teacher who disappeared over a century ago, everyone in Wildwood, including Allie’s handsome neighbor on the film set, Blake Fulton, seems to be hiding secrets, and Allie doesn’t know who she can trust. If she can’t find the answers in time, history may repeat itself with the most unthinkable results.

This book was a little like Come home to me, same issue, except that the writing style was a little hard getting used to, but I somehow managed, and this book was good 🙂

Loved the build up in characters, romance, friendships, and setting.
This book is a good book to read if you ever plan on going outside and enjoying the nice breeze and sunset. (from experience)  😉


Review: Great Falls

great falls


This is the cover 🙂

Title: Great Falls

Author: John Lopas

Published: June 26th 2013 by Outskirts Press

This book starts with an accident. Which sends Dakota (MC) to the past; a modern gadget threatening his future.

Setting: Great Falls National Park, Virginia.

Dakota Wesley drops his kayak into the river’s shallow edge. Below him the waterfalls roar in nature’s fury. Shaking off last-second jitters, he peels out into the water, the fast current sweeping his boat downstream and into the realm of no turning back chasing the big whitewater thrill. But then something goes terribly wrong…

When he comes to, Dakota finds that his modern surroundings have vanished. Instead, he discovers the Virginia landscape of an era long past nearly 150 years earlier a time torn by civil war. In order to survive, he joins another man, desperate plight, and together they fend off starvation, foraging parties, and locals who question Dakota’s identity. Desperate to return to his future, Dakota finds hope in the form of a modern gadget, one that can change his fortunes. But it may also lead to his demise.

Expertly weaving a passion for the great outdoors with historical events, Great Falls is a unique and compelling new novel of unexpected journeys and chance encounters. John Lopas pursues his passions with an imaginative mind that incorporates his love of art, music, history, and literature. While whitewater kayaking the Potomac River and its tributaries, as well as exploring and hiking through Virginia and Maryland, he found the perfect backdrop for an encompassing tale along the Potomac River in the greater Washington D.C. area.

This book was such a fast read!!! And was full of adventure, different time zones, and very different from what I’m used to reading!!

Wow!!! I need to read more books like this, because seriously, these type of books are really interesting!!