Review: Reflection (Chrysalis #2)


3 stars

This is the cover O.O

Title: Reflection (Chrysalis #2)

Author: Elene Sallinger

Published: May 6th 2014 by Sourcebooks Casablanca

The much anticipated follow up to the award-winning ‘Awakening’ (a compelling novel of discovery and desire.)

They’re 2 POV’s in this book.

There’s Bridget Ross, whoΒ is a woman with a shameful secret. Despite a life full of success and close friends she denies herself her true desires in penance for the crimes she can’t take back.

And there’s Connor Reynolds, who is a man without a purpose. His own tragic past prevents him from putting down roots and pursuing his dreams.

Everything changes when their paths collide forcing them to face the ultimate question, “Is their love worth fighting for?”

This book was so romantic and cute πŸ™‚

But it was a bit frustrating also, I mean if you love each other or start to like each other, then just go for it!! Stop denying your chemistry, because of your past tragic!! Just go for it!!! And I’m glad they took my advice in the end of the book, because if they didn’t, the book would’ve ended up in Mexico already -_-.

If you love erotica romance, then this author is for you.

Me personally, I’m not really into Erotica, I’m more into Contemporary. But I wanted to challenge myself and see if I would ever see myself into reading this type of genre, butΒ I obviously haven’t seen myself readingΒ it yet, but the writing, and the plot were good, so I’m not going to not like a book because of its genre, its just wrong. I’m rating it based on how the book was written not on what the genre is.

Review: Lord of the Rakes

lord of the rakes


This is the cover πŸ™‚

Title: Lord of the Rakes

Author: Darcie Wilde

Published: February 4th 2014 by Berkley

Let me say this first:

This book was better than A Million Guilty Pleasures and let me tell you why:

A Million Guilty Pleasures, and this book basically have the same plot/story line, both have this:

And boy did it have a lot!!!

Both made me do this:

But the main difference between the 2 is that A Million Guilty Pleasures was a modern version of a romance, which included a whole lot of cursing, love and hate relationships, hot and steamy sex, drama, and doing stupid stuff to save your guts.
Where as Lord of the Rakes was a historical romance novel, which included less-no cursing, still hot and steamy sex (but not that much as modern romances), a little drama, poofy dresses c:, and the writing style was actually better.

-sigh- πŸ™‚

And the last thing I wanted to discuss about comparing these 2 books before I start the actual review are the covers:

This is for A Million Guilty Pleasures as you can clearly see.

And this is for Lord of the Rakes, I have no idea which cover looks better, but they both look awesome πŸ™‚

Ok, enough comparisons, let me get on with the review now πŸ™‚

In this hot and sexy novel we have Phillip Montcalm.
Phillip is a one night kind of guy, he has a different lady every night, giving them the pleasure that the lady desires, and just giving himself a day to forget, which makes him a jerk…..

Anyway, he is called my another name, and that name is….. the Lord of the Rakes!!! Ooooooh I get it now πŸ˜‰ Duuuhhh!!!!

Well, Phillip is known for being the most dangerous seducer in the city, with quite the extensive list of conquests. Talk of his prowess as a lover and his ingenuity in the bedroom are enough to make even the most prudish of ladies succumb to temptation. But as of late, Phillip has found himself a bit bored. Until he sets his eyes on a fiery newcomer. See????? Told you!!!

And this fiery newcomer happens to be (new to independence and London) the gorgeous heiress Lady Caroline Delamarre!!!!

She wants to make the most of her life. And of course when Phillip meets her gaze, she knows the perfect place to start: in his arms and in his bed. But what begins as a long night of breathtaking passion leads to more than the two bargained for.
Haunted by troubled pasts and inescapable family entanglements, each of them must decide if they can risk a gamble on what might be true love.

Ok, I’m not going to lie, but throughout the book I was annoyed, because basically the setting of this book was a bed, mixed with drama. 😦 I mean if tat would’ve happened to me, i would’ve been like this:

You see??? I think that’s pretty straightforward, but if she would’ve said no, then there wouldn’t be this book, which makes sense πŸ™‚

Recommend for: people who like to read hot and steamy sex books πŸ™‚

Yup, that’s pretty much all I can give you without spoiling it for you πŸ™‚

Review: Breakaway Hearts (Kelley Brothers #2)

Breakaway Hearts


This is the cover πŸ™‚

Title: Breakaway Hearts (Kelley Brothers #2)

Author: Crista McHugh

Published: February 3rd 2014 by Crista McHugh (self-published)

All I can say is that even though this book was short and fast paced, it was ADORABLE!!!!!
I couldn’t put it down, i loved all the characters (even the jerk side of Ben) and I am mentally hitting myself for not reading the first book!! 😦

*Note to self: GET THE FIRST BOOK :)*

Anyway, I’m so glad I won this in a goodreads giveaway because this is my new favorite series of all time along with The Selection and The Hunger Games ❀

Now a short brief summary of this amazing book :):

This book is told on 2 point of views, the first one Ben Kelly who is a professional hockey player on break because of a knee injury, has retreated to his mountain cabin in the ski town of Cascade, BC.
While he is there, he goes to watch a hockey game and he runs into Hailey, the girl he was in love with nine years ago πŸ™‚
Nine years may have passed, but nothing has dulled the explosive chemistry between them. Now he wants more than just one night………..

The second point of view is Hailey Erikson who had Olympic-sized dreams until an accidental pregnancy from nine years before today with Ben, and her life was shattered when her son died of a brain tumor (such a shame :'(.
Nothing will keep her from fulfilling her promise to him to make the Olympic team, especially not the charming Ben Kelly (the guy she fell in love with nine years ago and got pregnant from ruining her career).
Unfortunately, nothing is going to stop Ben from sweeping her off her feet this time, and she finds him harder and harder to resist with each passionate kiss.

While their relationship growing, something complicated their relationship, putting it to a hold.
Ben learns about the child that he once had with Hailey that he never knew about….

He didn’t know about the child because his agent kept the letters that Hailey gave to him that were important at the time, he found out by Hailey’s stepmother Claire, and Ben thinks Hailey is a coward for keeping this from her.

That’s when things got complicated between them.

At first it affects their relationship build in the story, but then Ben apologized like crazy to Hailey for going out on her like how he did at the end of the book, and of course they make up because they can’t get enough of each other.

With the help of his brother Adam, Ben finally gets the courage to ask Hailey to marry him when Hailey had an Olympics career of her own, keeping the promise she kept with Zach (their son) and Ben continues his career after his knee is 100% fixed πŸ™‚

So, this story did have a happy ending after all πŸ™‚ and I LOVED IT THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING!!!!

I can’t wait to get the first one and the next one πŸ™‚ I want to find out how the other 6 brothers lives are <333 so excited!!!! πŸ™‚


Review: A Million Guilty Pleasures (Million Dollar Duet #2)


million guilty pleasures


This is the cover πŸ™‚

Title: A Million Guilty Pleasures (Million Dollar Duet #2)

Author: C.L Parker

Published: February 4th 2014 by Penguin

Let me start by saying that this book was a PERFECT example of a modern version, of a romance. This is the type of relationships we have now a days, and I don’t like it at all 😦

I won this book in a good reads giveaway;
At first, I was super excited to get it, I even did my little special happy dance, and my “Hallelujah” singing (hey, this was my second book that I won, cut me some slack ;), but then when I finished reading the book, I felt like this:


IΒ couldn’t take it anymore!!!
From the first page to the last page, literally EVERY SINGLE PAGE HAD A CURSE WORD IN IT!!!!
And I naturally don’t curse, so that was the number one thing that bugged me the most about this book…. LITERALLY!!!!

And then there was the main point of the book, which was this:

And this:


And then this:


And then there was me:


That’s right!!! At first it was sexy, and I got all tingly, but then it started to get on my nerves, and I just wanted to throw my book out the window, (I’m sorry, I cant help it, this book frustrates me 😦 )

Anyway, let me get on with my review:

My first reaction:
I picked up the book and automatically I LOVED the cover… I mean look at it!!!! Isn’t it beautiful?!?!

Anyway as I began reading, I became a bit discouraged. I wanted to know what was going to happen to Noah and Lanie so I kept reading, even though the book bothered me a bit at that point; so, I just couldn’t read it without skimming.

Oh, and I also read the first book btw, just need to do review…..
This is how it looks:


Beautiful also, same results…

In the first book, we have Lanie, who sells herself to the highest bidder because her mother got sick and she is very, very poor. So, in order to save her, she will have to make the ultimate sacrifice.
Then we have hot and sexy Noah. Who is a millionaire looking for sex without any type of formal commitment. They never thought of the results of this 2 year commitment. (shocking!!!)

I really wanted to know what would happen, but I spent my time quickly reading through the pages to get the rest of the story… you know finding the parts that I thought were important to me so I could see what I felt was really important.

Another thing that bugged me, Ready???
Its the “I love you” and then “F you” in every other line, “f” this, “f” that. I thought it was rather immature, and ANNOYING. I would have loved for the story to have been better written without so much foul language. It just didn’t do it for me, which was a shame.

It could have been a great book, if it weren’t for the writing, and the constant on & off, and the constant touching, I finally read a real modern erotic book, Thank you C.L Parker for showing me what’s really in the modern world these days!!!! THANK YOU!!! πŸ˜€