Review: The Boys of Summer (Summer #1)


3 stars

Title: The Boys of Summer (Summer #1)

Author: C.J Duggan

Format: E-book

Published: December 17th 2012

“It seemed only natural to nickname them the ‘Onslow Boys’. Every time they swaggered in the front door of the Onslow Hotel after a hard week’s work, their laughter was loud and genuine as they settled onto their bar stools. I peeked through the restaurant partition, a flimsy divider between my world and theirs. I couldn’t help but smile whenever I saw them, saw him… Toby Morrison.”

Tess, is antisocial, quiet, and seventeen years old. She wants nothing more than to forget the past haunts of high school and have fun with her best friends before the dreaded Year Twelve (senior year) begins.

To Tess, summer is when everything happens: riding bikes down to the lake, watching the fireworks at the Onslow Show and water bomb fights at the sweltering Sunday markets.

But then her friends talk her into working a summer job…

After first-shift disasters, rude, wealthy tourists and a taunting ex-boyfriend, Tess is convinced nothing good can come of working her summer away. However, Tess finds unlikely allies in a group of locals dubbed ‘The Onslow Boys’, who are old enough to drive cars, drink beer and not worry about curfews. Tess’s summer of working expands her world with a series of first times with new friends, forbidden love and heartbreaking chaos. Her usual summer plans just changed, and will be unforgettable.

This story was good… 🙂
Considering that there was a lot of drama, and relationship issues, and the fact that our MC only cared about boys and work, boys and work, and a lot of characters have changed and developed, this story wasn’t bad.
If this book was anymore dramatic and annoying then I would’ve said otherwise. Considering that this was set in summer, where everything was suppose to change and you were suppose to have fun and have a great time, made this story include a lot of drama and romance.
I don’t usually read books like this, but it was free, so I made the acception, plus, I always love to try something new. And I had nothing to lose but precious time 🙂

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