Review: Take Me: Part 1


 3 stars

Title: Take Me Part 1/4 (Yup, 4 parts and I can’t get any until the price changes 😦 )

Author: Kelly Harper

Format: Ebook

Published: July 24, 2014

So, this was the very first book that made me want to read e-books, because before this book, I never ever touched an e-book not even gave a glance or even had the thought to read e-books. I always stuck to hardbacks/paperbacks, books I can actually feel and admire from my bookshelf. But, this story looked interesting, was free, and I decided to expand my horizons when reading, and read it.

After reading…

I lost the ability to speak words after reading this book. But I’ll try writing a review now, or else I won’t be able to in the future 😉

There are 2 sides to this book. Either you like it and you think it’s really adorable, or it makes you frustrated because of the amount of sex, and lust there is in this book.

What I really don’t get in this book is, why would you have sex with the first guy you meet at the bar? He could’ve been a serial killer for crying out loud!!! But nooooooo! Coincidentally he ended up being the life saver of a company that the female protagonist works for.

But before the bussiness started, this couple just met at the bar, they talked, and then when he took her home, something snapped between them and they just did it, 3 TIMES ON THE SALE NIGHT!!! And this author does a very good job being very specific and descriptive about it, but wow O.O…

Another thing I didn’t like was the fact that this book was really short, and it’s broken down into different parts, and it ended in such a huge cliffhanger!!! This book is so lucky it’s on my kindle, or else I wouldn’t of hesitated to throw it out my window 😛

But oh well, ill have to wait until the next book is free and I can read it 😦 great, let me just lay here and wait patiently -sigh-…

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