Review: Backstage Pass: Part 1/3



Title: Backstage Pass: Part 1/3

Author: Elizabeth Nelson

Format: E-book

Published: August 6th 2013 by Bristlecone Books

This book is set into 2 POV’s. We have Sasha, with a best friend named Kerri who’s mission is to set up her best friend up on a date with a guy, because Sasha is known to not even hang out with guys, and always putting others over herself first, and always working, and busy and never gets time for herself. And of course Sasha is never interested, especially when she finds out the guy in question is a lead singer in a band. She has one rule for her dating life and that is no musicians (because of her father). She knows relationships with them can only end badly, that’s all she has ever known, but Kerri sticks to her mission till the very end no matter what the obstacles are.

The other POV is Jesse who of course is persistent in getting Sasha’s attention, always being charming, genuine and there for her to lean on (emotionally and physically) after Sasha ends up breaking her foot in front of him. Sasha isn’t sure she can continue to deflect his advances, and isn’t sure she wants to, so throughout this book they start to develop feelings for each other. We have Jesse who is the “go for it” guy, and Sasha who is battling her past and her future and heart; should she go for the guy and risk it, or take the safe way out and don’t out yourself into that situation. This book leads to it.

This was my second e-book ever read, and it turned out that it was a great story, with a great plot, but of course every good book has to have its flaws, and there is a cliffhanger. Joy.
In this book I finally found out why Sasha hates musicians so much and then POOF! Done -_- great. And I can’t get the next one until a couple of weeks 😛 I’m depressed now and very very mad about what that author did. So mad. >:[

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