Book blitz and Giveaway: Two in the Afternoon

Two in the Afternoon

by Cora Cade
A Day of Pleasure #2
Publication Date: July 29, 2014 
Genres: ContemporaryRomance 
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Synopsis: When it comes to hand-to-heart combat, no hold is barred.

A Day of Pleasure, Book 2

Molly Ryan survived one attack, and she’s not about to be a sitting duck for another. With her attacker harassing her from his jail cell, she packs up her life in Chicago, follows her Delta Force brother to North Carolina and gets work in a pub.

Men in uniform are definitely off her menu, but her boss’s friend, Army Ranger Callum Eversman, is one hot hunk she’d like to sample.

Home on a two-week furlough, Cal has agreed to watch over Molly as a favor to fellow Ranger Noah Harper. Accomplishing his mission without her noticing? That’s going to be tough, as any idiot can see their sparks of attraction from a mile away.

Despite her hands-off-military-men policy, Molly is tempted to indulge, just this once, in a no-strings-attached fling. No dating, no kissy face, no hearts involved. But when her past threatens her future, there’s only one man to turn to. The one who’ll risk everything—body, heart, and soul—to protect her.

Warning: Contains an Army Ranger with a gruff exterior and heart of gold, a heroine with a sassy attitude, and some hot borderline-public sex.

Book Playlist

Cora Cade

Every moment in life has a soundtrack.  That first summer you had a license and your own car.  The summer my husband I bought our house.  The long nights I used to drive the four hours to and from our locations while we were dating long distance.  That first road trip with your best friend.  And all the other ones that followed.

All of the very best (and not so great) moments of my life can be associated with a specific song, artist, or album.  And writing a book is no exception.   So, because I believe in sharing the joys of musical inspiration, I put together a mix tape of music that represents my second release TWO IN THE AFTERNOON, book two in the A Day of Pleasure series.  A story about a heroine too bull-headed to ask for help and an Army Ranger incapable of not offering it, can only be symbolized with the following:

  • The Fear- Ben Howard
  • Shake it Out- Florence + The Machine
  • Wait for Me- Kings of Leon
  • All of Me (cover)- Jason Chen and Madilyn Bailey
  • Falling for You- The 1975
  • Best Day of My Life- American Authors
  • Everything has Changed- Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift
  • Never Stop- Safety Suit
  • Safe with Me- Sam Smith
  • Boom Clap- Charli XCX

Cal, our Ranger, is perfectly summed up by King of Leon’s  ‘Wait for Me’.  That song always makes me all swoony and it’s still got that rock edge that Cal would want.   And our heroine Molly has some demons she needs to exorcize.  Florence + The Machine’s ‘Shake it Out’ is all about facing your past and moving on, which is perfect for our feisty Molly.

While I was working on TWO IN THE AFTERNOON I used Ben Howard’s ‘The Fear’ as the book inspiration.  I may or may not be a crazed Ben Howard fan (I’ll let you draw your own conclusions on that one), and I listened to his debut album on repeat for months while working on this book.   And this song is one that resonates with me personally, but also holds a great message for the overall tone of the book.  

If you’d like to check out the entirety of the mix tape, you can listen to it on Spotify:

About the Author:

Nestled away in a small town in Ohio, I spend my days adding delicious books to my library, snuggling with my four rotten dogs, and debating the finer points of life with the dear husband.

When I’m not tucked away with a book you can find me tapping away at my laptop.   With coffee.  And my iPod.

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