Review: Reflection (Chrysalis #2)


3 stars

This is the cover O.O

Title: Reflection (Chrysalis #2)

Author: Elene Sallinger

Published: May 6th 2014 by Sourcebooks Casablanca

The much anticipated follow up to the award-winning ‘Awakening’ (a compelling novel of discovery and desire.)

They’re 2 POV’s in this book.

There’s Bridget Ross, who is a woman with a shameful secret. Despite a life full of success and close friends she denies herself her true desires in penance for the crimes she can’t take back.

And there’s Connor Reynolds, who is a man without a purpose. His own tragic past prevents him from putting down roots and pursuing his dreams.

Everything changes when their paths collide forcing them to face the ultimate question, “Is their love worth fighting for?”

This book was so romantic and cute 🙂

But it was a bit frustrating also, I mean if you love each other or start to like each other, then just go for it!! Stop denying your chemistry, because of your past tragic!! Just go for it!!! And I’m glad they took my advice in the end of the book, because if they didn’t, the book would’ve ended up in Mexico already -_-.

If you love erotica romance, then this author is for you.

Me personally, I’m not really into Erotica, I’m more into Contemporary. But I wanted to challenge myself and see if I would ever see myself into reading this type of genre, but I obviously haven’t seen myself reading it yet, but the writing, and the plot were good, so I’m not going to not like a book because of its genre, its just wrong. I’m rating it based on how the book was written not on what the genre is.

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