Review: When is a Man


This is the cover 🙂

Title: When is a Man

Author: Aaron Shepard

Published: April 15th 2014 by Brindle & Glass

This book is about a impotent and defeated, Paul Rasmussen.

Who is a young ethnographer and academic recovering from prostate cancer retreating to the remote Immitoin Valley.

As an outsider, he discovers how difficult it is to know a place, let alone become a part of it. Then, a drowned man and a series of encounters force him to confront the valley’s troubled past and his own uncertain future. As Paul undertakes a study of the families displaced 40 years earlier by the flooding of the valley to create the hydroelectric dam, his desire to reinvent himself runs up against the bitter emotions and mysterious connections that linger in the aftermath of the flood. Meditative and erotic, raw and exuberant in tone, When Is a Man goes beyond the familiar narratives of memory and loss to offer a fresh perspective on themes of body and landscape, impotence and masculinity.

This book I couldn’t get into AT ALL. I tried, I really did, but tis book and I, would not cooperate.

It was the writing, cover, plot, character, situation, and just not my style of reading.

Unfortunately, this book couldn’t get along with me at all 😦


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