Review: Cold Calls


3 stars

This is the cover 🙂

Title: Cold Calls

Author: Charles Benoit

Published: April 1st 2014 by Clarion Books

Awesome!!!! This was a good example of a book about what you would do if you or your child was ever being bullied!!! Wow what a ride!!!
Oh and btw, I won this book in a goodreads giveaway on Valentines Day, thanks for that!!!
Let me start on my review:

In Cold Calls we have ourselves a chilling thriller, an unsettling mystery, and a provocative exploration of bullying, culpability, and the cost of keeping secrets, lie I said before.

That’s right we have ALL THAT IN ONE BOOK!!!! And it came out amazing!!!!

Anyway, we have three students Eric, Shelly, and Fatima in high school the most common place people get bullied all the time having one thing in common: “I know your secret.”

Are you kidding me??!!! If anyone had said that to me, I would’ve gotten to the bottom of that before that person can finish his/her sentence!!!

Each one of these kids are getting blackmailed into bullying specifically targeted schoolmates by a mysterious caller who whispers from their cell phones and holds carefully guarded secrets over their heads.

But the question is, how could anyone have obtained a photo, read hidden pages, and uncovered there buried past?
These kids are thrown together, joining forces to find the stranger who threatens them before time runs out and their shattering secrets are revealed . . .

You’ll just have to get the book and find out 😉

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