Review: The Choice (Choice #1)

the choice


This is the cover 😉

Title: The Choice (Choice #1)

Author: Maria Ciletti

Published: January 31st 2013 by CreateSpace

I won this book in a goodreads giveaway in exchange for an honest review, so here goes 🙂

This book honestly is REALLY different from what I usually/am used to reading.
But that’s ok, that’s why when I read the description to this book when this book was still on a goodreads giveaway, I applied for it, because I wanted to try to read something different for once and give it a try.

And good thing I did because for this type of book being different from what I’m used to reading, this book did a pretty dang good job giving me a message when I finished reading this book, and that was that Life’s important decisions take the most courage; and I agree 🙂 so thank you Ciletti for providing me with something different to read an sendin me a message through your outstanding writing 🙂

Now a short summary:

The main question for the main character for this book was : “What if you had to make the choice between losing everything or being true to yourself?” What would you choose???

Well, this book explores the difficult struggle that Mina, a nurse with a loving husband, a close knit family and a successful career that somehow gets complicated when she meets Regan Martin, a attractive new nurse, who  Mina is assigned to mentor.

With Regan, her Long buried desires are awakened in Mina, pushing her toward the need to finally make the choice that may change her life forever.
What do you think she chooses? To drop everything she has and go for Regan? Or ignore what we heart desires most to keep the life she currently has now?
(If you expect me to give you the answer then your out of luck, and are going to have to pick up this book yourself and read it 🙂

So, this book was quite the experience, I loved Ciletti’s writing style, character building, the challenges captivating throughout the book, and how this book had everything from care, to humor ❤


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