Review: A Lifetime To Die

lifetime to die

3 stars

This is the cover 🙂

Title: A Lifetime To Die

Author: P.S Menorek

Published: August 1st 2013 by Ponytale Press, Inc

A-ma-zing!!!!’ 🙂
Loved the setting (even though it’s my first time reading a book with a setting in the 1960s 🙂
Loved the characters, especially the protagonist Aristotle (aka Telly <3) he was everything I would want to see in a main character:
1. Determined
2. Curious
3. Tough
4. Caring
5. Intelligent
6. Would stop at nothing to achieve his goal or get something he wants
7. And helpful 🙂

Now, let me give you a summary of this fantastic book 🙂

In this world, secrets have always been kept hidden, and very dangerous if those secrets are exposed, so some of these secrets sometimes last for a lifetime.
So, if a person discovers or figures out this dark secret, they keep silent so that they can be left alone; but that’s not what happened to Aristotle Mercury’s father. Once they figured out that he knew, he was silenced (meaning they killed him)

After this happened, Aristotle’s Uncle Jacob was able to move in and take over as the new head of the now successful factory that Aristotle’s father had once created when everything was safe….

In this world, the year is 1968;
As the Red Army’s tanks roll into Wenceslas Square in the very heart of Prague, Aristotle (Telly) learns the horrible truth about his father (one if the big secrets so he’s in trouble now)

Revealing secret now:
Five years ago, someone else was murdered in his place to make it appear as if he was accidentally crushed under a factory press. Since then his father has been alive and imprisoned in the notorious Prague Institute for the Criminally Insane.
In a daring rescue Aristotle retrieves his barely alive father from the bowels of the terrible prison (love him so far!!! He would go through all the trouble and consequences to bust his father it of the Institute!!)

After a short time his father succumbs to the ravages of his imprisonment, but not before he divulges the location of the evidence which proves he owned the now thriving factory, and of Uncle Jake’s murderous duplicity in stealing it from them.
With the Russians taking over the country, and the mob closing in to eliminate the only living heir to a burgeoning fortune, Aristotle flees Czechoslovakia and makes his way to America, vowing to one day go back and even the score.

He settles in New York, in Greenwich Village. He’s honest and works hard to learn the new ways of a strange land. Soon he befriends his eccentric landlord, the elderly Mrs. Schroeder.

Telly, as his new friends in America like to call him, ignites a withered spirit of adventure in the lady who still believes in the good in people. She owns some property, and Telly has a talent for building. They both learn Telly also has an eye for the deal. Together they first develop her land, and then other land in the exploding New York real estate market. Telly’s ambitions lead him from the posh boardrooms of New York to the lucrative shores of New Jersey, where he’s almost killed as he constructs the world’s largest casino.
Never too far from his mind, always there to haunt and motivate him, Telly dreams of the day he will finally return to his homeland and exact vengeance on his Uncle Jake (because uncle jake don’t have the guts to give Telly a job in his factory, and plus he’s an arrogant jerk -_-)

In a sweeping saga of familial betrayal spanning three decades of intertwining lives, Telly Mercury finally gets his chance for justice. But does righting of wrongs of a demon filled closet come with a price too high? Secrets are sometimes better left untold, in spite of their screams from across the years to be heard.
His own salvation hanging in the balance, Telly must somehow accept that forgiveness trumps retribution, and money truly can’t buy happiness. And just maybe, as it is with Uncle Jacob, forgiveness is the worst possible epithet for a life lived in the accompaniment of the unquenchable thirst of greed and murder.

-sigh- what can I say about this book instead of AWESOME OMG IM SO GLAD I WON THIS BOOK IN A GIVEAWAY!!!! Thanks!!!!

Oh yeah, if you see this book, and you love to learn lessons at the end of a book, and you love history, this is a great book for you 🙂


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